By Dipti Parmar

Content has been heralded as king, as a voice for your brand, or a bridge between your audience and your company. However, the real heroes are the tools and solutions that we use to sharpen our content. If not for these solutions, we wouldn’t be talking about rich, engaging and visually-appealing content and monetization would be a distant dream.

Content has always been upheld for its benefits such as reputation building, audience engagement and website ranking. However, one look at the top few media publishers like National Geographic, E! Online, Bleacher Report, and The Dodo and you will see there is more to content than the intangible, non-monetary benefits mentioned above.

Successful media companies, like Buzzfeed for instance, know how to create engaging content and monetize it effectively. They have found a way to imbibe native advertising, sponsored stories and content marketing while circumventing the boundaries posed by ad blockers.

They do it through disruptive content tools that are revolutionizing the digital space by making content more engaging and reading more rewarding. We have three solutions here that help boost engagement, monetize content and eventually return an ROI from your content in unique ways…

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