By Joel Anderson

While Money 2020 is a positively massive conference, featuring some of the biggest players in the fintech space and its fair share of companies sporting multi-billion valuations and publicly-traded stock, the conference also serves as a chance for the next generation of fintech innovators to put their world-beating ideas on display. After all, the fintech space in its entirety remains very young. While success for startups may be harder to come by in an increasingly crowded and competitive space, that doesn’t mean that the right company with the right concept can’t become the next PayPal (PYPL).

That’s part of what made the StartupPitch180 competition put on by the Money 2020 conference so exciting. Much was at stake, as a high-profile victory in a competition like this could be precisely the sort of thing that would catapult a company into the next tier. For a three-minute pitch (180 seconds), that’s a lot of pressure…

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