By: Sarah Buhr
Los Angeles-based on-demand alcohol startup Saucey has delivered good times in a bottle since 2013 but held off raising VC funding till now. The service just pulled in $4.5 million in seed money to make its platform more efficient.

Saucey origins begin with three buddies who worked together and liked to imbibe after a long day. Founders Chris Vaughn, Daniel Leeb and Andrew Zeck were toiling away at messaging startup TextPlus when the idea hit them they could be delivering booze to the greater L.A. area.

The story goes that Vaughn wanted a glass of wine after work one day but found out he was out of the stuff and too tired to go to the store to get some. He came up with a business plan to bring wine and spirits to anyone’s door in under an hour and enlisted his friends to work nights and weekends building it out in the back of another friend’s bar…read more.