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First institutionalized sale leaseback residential tech platform

Millions of Americans are property rich, but cash challenged. As a result of the credit crisis, lenders have strict requirements that disqualify homeowners from refinancing. Without viable alternative options, homeowners are forced to sell their homes and move. People deserve the chance to establish financial stability. EasyKnock created the Sell & Stay program to provide homeowners with a new way to release their equity and move when they are ready.

The Sell & Stay program offers an alternative way to access equity without the challenges associated with qualifying for traditional home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) and reverse mortgages. Sell & Stay is the first program in the USA allowing homeowners to sell their home, access the money they need and remain in their home as a tenant. EasyKnock clients have the flexibility to repurchase their home or move at any time, releasing the full equity of their home.

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