Watch the full interview between early stage venture capital firm Blumberg Capital and Ferrum Health CEO Pelu Tran. In this entrepreneur spotlight interview, Pelu discusses Ferrum Health’s development as an AI-driven health tech company aiming to address negative hospital and patient outcomes due to medical errors. Learn how preventable medical errors can affect every facet of the care continuum and how Ferrum Health’s technology is not only helping hospitals increase revenue in both fee-for-service and value-based care models, but saving thousands of patients’ lives.

In this entrepreneurial spotlight, you’ll learn the key factors that contribute to medical errors, and how artificial intelligence in healthcare is making it more possible than it’s ever been to help close care gaps and provide hospitals with efficient, measurable, secure systems to better care for their patients. You’ll also hear Pelu’s predictions for the future of AI in healthcare, the ways COVID-19 has impacted the patient care continuum for non-COVID patients, and his advice for other healthcare companies aiming to raise venture capital funding during a pandemic, based on Ferrum’s experience with Blumberg Capital.