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Being a valuable partner is more than providing capital.

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Partner from Inception Through Exit

We partner with visionary teams from inception through their growth journey, as early and growth stage investors, active board members and hands-on advisors. We are proud to be among the first investors and long-term partners to industry leaders who are empowering individuals and businesses through the innovative use of AI and other transformative technologies.


We invest early and follow on

We lead Seed and Series A rounds and typically reserve 60% of capital for follow-on rounds to support companies’ continued growth. Our initial investments range from $500,000 to $5 million.


We operate as an extension of the founders' network 

We are active board members and hands-on advisors, providing resources, guidance and services to help portfolio companies grow. Founders have access to our international team of operators, veteran investors, advisors and CIO Council.


We help founders solve global business challenges from four strategic locations

We have a track record of helping build B2B software companies and remain focused on supporting transformation across the enterprise. Our team is based in Miami, New York, San Francisco and Tel Aviv to help founders build for global markets.

Growth Services

Being a strong partner means more than providing venture capital. Beyond serving as board members and strategic advisors, we arm founders with services to help them reach their milestones.

Business Development and Partnerships

Early and ongoing customer feedback is a critical step in establishing product market fit and achieving revenue goals. We work closely with portfolio companies on go-to-market strategies and connect them with our network of potential partners and customers.

HR and Recruiting

Building the right team is key to success. We provide HR and recruiting expertise to help portfolio companies with organizational development, recruiting and retaining talent.

Marketing & Communications

Effectively communicating a company’s value proposition to the right audiences is an ongoing exercise.  We help portfolio companies build and scale their marketing strategies, hiring plans and execution of content, media relations and other communications programs.


Building a new company requires a range of tools and resources. Portfolio companies work with us to navigate finance, legal, real estate and other operational areas at launch and throughout their startup journey.

CIO Council

Startups must show customers and investors that they have a “need to have” vs. “nice to have” solution. Blumberg Capital’s CIO Council helps our team identify the “need to haves” and then helps these companies grow, as an extension of our team and sometimes as company advisors or customers. Through the Council, IT leaders connect with peers and get an inside look at new technologies that could impact their businesses and industries. CIO Council members share diverse industry experiences across sectors and companies such as Albertsons, Nutanix, Okta, P&G.

The 6Ts: Questions We Ask


  • Can you share feedback from prospects, validating the problem?

  • What is your solution to the problem and how does it benefit customers?


  • What are your backgrounds and why are you the right team?

  • How do you envision the company’s progress in 3-5 years? Why are you the best team to achieve this goal?


  • What are the trends and dynamics in your market?

  • What is your go-to-market strategy including business model, positioning and pricing?


  • How and why is your technology superior to competitors?

  • Why does your technology have a sustainable advantage?


  • What is the company’s status in terms of revenue, growth rate, hiring and financing?

  • What is your sales cycle and what industries are you prioritizing?


  • How much capital do you need and how will you use the proceeds?

  • How do you want to structure your board?

Industry Leaders Recognize the Value of Our Portfolio Companies