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The 50 Most Promising Israeli Startups – 2023

It can be said, perhaps counterintuitively, that this year the task of choosing Israel’s 50 most promising startups was easier than in the previous two years. There are several reasons for this. First of all, there is much less background noise: as soon as the nominations have to pass through the filter of the criteria, many fall by the wayside. Second, the unicorn baby boom is over and this also has its advantages. The transformation of many startups into companies worth a billion dollars or more created a real distortion. Companies with revenues that sometimes did not even reach $50 million, let alone $100 million or more, suddenly seemingly fulfilled their promise – but only apparently. The same is true of companies that went public prematurely at valuations of billions of dollars and now find themselves in Wall Street’s spam box. Against this background, the top ten most promising startups are made up of much more mature companies, with a proven product-to-market fit and a proven business model. In other words, a year ago most of them would probably have already become unicorns and be drawn into the race for growth at any cost.

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