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From Series A To Salesforce, 50 Perspectives On Hiring Tech Talent


Blumberg’s Bruce Taragin was featured in a recent article from Forbes where the author asked 56 recruiters, VPs of talent, chiefs of staff, founders, venture capitalists, and private equity partners about their biggest challenges and experience with the difficulties of hiring tech talent in the current market. Find Bruce’s comments below and read the full article here.

The mantra of “slow to hire and quick to fire” is being turned on its head in light of the dearth of engineering talent. Even more important is the focus on employee churn – what is the point in hiring if you can’t retain? Human capital remains the life line of any startup. Companies should find engineering talent that is passionate about the problem that they are solving. Internal referrals are typically the strongest and longest lasting. Maintaining strong culture and esprit des corps, especially in this distributed virtual world that we live in has never been harder. But the positive is now startups can really think and hire outside the box. There is no geographic constraint on hiring the best technical talent. Startups should leverage that opportunity as the future of work continues to be redefined.

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