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Europe’s hottest startups 2015: Tel Aviv


By: Oliver Franklin- Wallis
Tel Aviv is where the money is. The startup nation became the exit nation in 2014, with Israeli tech sales and IPOs hitting $15 billion (£9.5bn) according to analysis by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Expect 2015 to be another huge year, with $910 million raised in one January week alone and Outbrain and IronSource preparing IPOs. “What sets Israel and Tel Aviv apart is its openness,” says Naomi Krieger Carmy, director of the British embassy’s UK-Israel Tech Hub. “You can meet almost anyone, and everyone knows and talks to — and about — each other.”

The next step, says Windward CEO Ami Daniel, is scaling up. “Entrepreneurs will focus not only on innovative technologies,” he says, “but on building disruptive companies out of Israel.”…read more.

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