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Fortscale Exposes Imposters And Internal Threat Perpetrators


By: Meghan Ottolini
Threat management company Fortscale has taken a cue from the credit card industry.

Fortscale, San Francisco, calls itself the “leader in the user behavior analytics market,” according to Bert Rankin, Fortscale’s CMO. “So what that means is, we’re taking a look at user behavior inside of an organization to understand what is normal, and then we can compare new events that happen in that organization to determine if there’s some malicious action taking place,” he explained.

The system is similar to the way a credit card company tracks charges and sets off alerts when unusual activity occurs.

Rankin said existing security solutions fail to provide visibility when the threat comes from someone with legitimate user credentials, and “well over 80 percent” of breaches come from those types of users…read more.

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