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Getting personal with biometrics for security


Tim Compston, Guest Features Writer at Security News Desk, has his finger on the pulse of the latest developments in biometrics. He speaks to Suprema, Genie, BioCatch, CEM Systems, Hitachi and more.


There is little doubt that biometrics, in all its guises, is gaining traction as a way of ramping up security and adding value for site management. Alongside this, many banks, on the back of heightened cybersecurity concerns, are keen to offer biometrics as an option for online and mobile banking to thwart fraudulent activity, which can result in problems for customers and reputational damage. Biometrics is also playing a pivotal role in border control with e-passports and visas becoming a common sight and, crucially, as a way – with facial recognition – to keep track of travellers within our major airports.


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