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Investing in FirmPilot, the AI Marketing Engine for Services SMBs


By Jacob Katz, principal, and Alejandro Hill, analyst at Blumberg Capital

We are proud to announce our investment in FirmPilot and its mission to use AI to help services-based SMBs control and improve their digital marketing through a single interface. FirmPilot’s founding team of marketing strategists and AI specialists bring a deep understanding of the digital landscape and the opportunity to leverage AI to dynamically deliver value across business operations. FirmPilot’s first vertical product, designed for law firms, has already proven impressive traction and strong customer retention in a short period of time.

The Problem

Every hour, more than 1,000 people in the U.S. search online for legal help, and 75% of people searching online don’t scroll past the first page of results. Law firms, as well as other services-based SMBs such as dentists, plumbers, electricians, veterinarians, chiropractors and more use online search and other digital marketing channels as the primary source of customer acquisition, making it critical to optimize their online presence. 

For the 425K law firms in the US, and hundreds of thousands of other services SMBs, manually managing marketing in-house is often ineffective when led by busy, non-marketing professionals who lack the expertise, tools and knowledge of the quickly-evolving digital environment. As a result, 70% of SMBs outsource marketing services, retaining costly traditional marketing agencies that are not tech-forward and lack the data-driven approaches needed to effectively and efficiently yield a positive ROI for their clients at scale.

In today’s digital world, where showing up on the first page of search results can make or break a business, there is clear demand for more effective marketing services and tools that provide tangible business value. Services-based SMBs need fast, efficient, and economical ways to optimize their web rankings to attract online visibility and direct inbound interest from prospective customers. Traditional manual methods, and existing incumbent solutions, can’t keep up with the rapidly expanding digital landscape and the dynamic nature of SEO. 

Automated and data-driven tech platforms like FirmPilot are essential to staying competitive and achieving sustainable growth.

The Solution

FirmPilot’s SaaS platform for SMBs drives marketing ROI by publishing impactful and authoritative content that significantly enhances law firms’ web rankings. In contrast with outsourced marketing services or hyper-specialized tools that only focus on one piece of the puzzle, FirmPilot’s platform empowers SMBs to easily manage a range of marketing initiatives, including content marketing and SEO.

FirmPilot’s AI marketing engine has analyzed more than 5,000,000 pieces of content used by law firms and has embedded over 100+ lawyer marketing strategies. Over 12,000 leads have been generated by its customers in the last year – 200% more leads on average. Customers are saving between 50-70% on marketing by switching from marketing agencies to FirmPilot. 

Within minutes, the software analyzes not only its customers’ marketing data, but also competitors’ publicly-available data, to understand the market landscape. Once it has this data, FirmPilot uses sophisticated algorithms to predict web engine indexing preferences to craft content specifically designed to elevate the customers’ search ranking prominence. Beyond law firms, there are use cases for FirmPilot’s technology across other services-based verticals, both domestically and internationally.


Blumberg Capital’s investment in FirmPilot aligns with our commitment to support transformative companies leveraging AI to deliver clear value to customers. We are proud to welcome FirmPilot to our community of visionary marketing tech companies such as Braze (Nasdaq: BRZE), DoubleVerify (NYSE: DV), Hootsuite, and Prescient AI. We look forward to the journey ahead with the FirmPilot team and co-investors Valor Ventures, SaaS Ventures, FJ Labs, and Connexa Capital.

Learn more about FirmPilot in this week’s announcement here or visit

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