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Namogoo Raises $15M To Fight Online Customer Journey Hijacking


By Amir Mizroch


Israelis have a long history of taking on hijackers (see Entebbe and Sabina), and now one start-up is taking that fight to digital hijackers, specifically ones that inject their own products and services into the online advertising of other companies, thereby stealing away some of their customers.

Namogoo –the word in Hebrew means “they vanished” (the company says they choose the name because of what Namogoo does to malware)-has raised a $15M Series B to battle what it calls consumer “online journey hijacking,” which while doesn’t involve taking hostages or seizing European airliners, can cost online retailers millions of dollars per year in lost sales.  Namogoo, based in Raanana some 30 minutes drive east of Tel Aviv, has raised a total $29M in two funding rounds. It’s also released a new analytics product.

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