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Should you sell unwanted gift vouchers?


By: Sarah Coles

Almost half of us get more than one gift voucher every year, and around half of those never get used. Instead they lurk in the bottom of bags and drawers until eventually they expire. A new study has revealed that in total, this amounts to £1 billion wasted every year.

The people behind the research say you don’t have to let this money go to waste, because you can get value from your vouchers. They’re right, and there are five ways to do this.

1. The research was done by Zeek, an app which you can use to sell your unwanted vouchers. The idea is that you can just scan your unwanted vouchers, and the app will put them up for sale on a voucher-only marketplace. It apparently sells them for an average of 90% of their face value, and 94% of them sell within 24 hours…read more.

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