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Spark, Hydra & BigQuery: 5 enterprise alternatives to Hadoop


By James Nunns

If Hadoop isn’t quite the right fit for the business use case, then maybe one of these will work better.

Hadoop’s progression from a large scale, batch oriented analytics tool to an ecosystem full of vendors, applications, tools and services has coincided with the rise of the big data market.

While Hadoop has become almost synonymous with the market in which it operates, it is not the only option. Hadoop is well suited to very large scale data analysis, which is one of the reasons why companies such as Barclays, Facebook, eBay and more are using it.

Although it has found success, Hadoop has had its critics as something that isn’t well suited to the smaller jobs and is overly complex.

CBR identifies five Hadoop alternatives that may better suit your business needs.

1. Pachyderm

Pachyderm, put simply, is designed to let users store and analyse data using containers.


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