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UK FinTech Week 2020 – Focus on the Future of Data


Data is everywhere. In this session, we explore the impact of a wealth of data, on consumers, financial services and the economy.

Discussion points:
How is the use of data impacting financial services?
Where is data stored and how is it regulated?
Is the regulation of data enough to prevent stress to competition?
Is data regulation flexible enough to support innovation?
What new business models might emerge?
How will these business models impact consumers and providers?
What businesses are at risk?


Moderator, Louise Smith, FinTech Envoy For Scotland

Vivienne Artz, Chief Privacy Officer, Refinitiv
David Blumberg, Founder & Managing Partner, Blumberg Capital
Simon McDougall, Executive Director – Technology & Innovation, Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
Stephen Johns, Head of Data GX EMEA, Managing Director, State Street


Listen here.

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