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What Leadership Needs in the Decade Ahead


By Tanya Prive

What’s trendy now likely won’t be in a decade’s time. Here’s how to powerfully position yourself to lead in the future.

It’s impossible to predict the future, but I believe we can use pattern recognition to help anticipate a paradigm shift of leadership. You may be surprised to find that what are leadership buzzwords or widely accepted ways of doing business today most likely won’t be in ten years from now. So, what will? How do you begin preparing for a shift in leadership with an eye toward the future? Looking ahead, what will business owners and entrepreneurs need to successfully navigate this next decade?

According to author of Future Leader, Jacob Morgan, who interviewed 140 global CEOs (of companies like Audi, Mastercard, Unilever, Oracle, and SAP) and surveyed over 14,000 employees, there are four mindsets and five skills that our current business leaders believe will be needed in our future leaders.

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