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AbirNet provides leading-edge network solutions to enable companies to effectively and safely utilize Internet and World Wide Web technologies on the internal network and when connecting to the Internet. AbirNet’s mission is to provide unobtrusive, easy to use and affordable network access controls that enable companies to effectively use the Internet and Internet technologies. AbirNet’s focus is on protecting its customers’ networks from internal and external network intrusions, internal network and external network abuses, and overall productivity inefficiencies introduced by misuse of Internet technologies. AbirNet’s products introduce a “no-network overhead” protection with “see-it-all” session scanning to provide the broadest network configuration coverage with the greatest control. Companies can significantly improve their ability to protect their assets and employees as well as avoid electronic internal email abuse litigation using AbirNet’s products.

AbirNet was acquired by Memco Software, then by Platinum, and then by Computer Associates in 1999.