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Arcadia Data

Unified Visual Analytics and Business Intelligence, Native on Hadoop

Arcadia Data unifies visual analysis, business intelligence and data discovery; it runs natively on your Hadoop clusters without data extracts. Its easy-to-use browser-based visualizations deliver secure access for hundreds of concurrent users across hundreds of billions of rows in near real time.

Arcadia Data has built the only unified visual analytics and business intelligence (BI) platform for big data native to Hadoop. The Arcadia Data Converged Analytics Platform (™) allows enterprises running Hadoop to build apps with drag-and-drop ease; it provides secure, accelerated access without first extracting big data into the complex stack of legacy data management technologies. Arcadia Data’s world-class team draws on decades of experience in high-performance distributed data architectures and applications. The Arcadia Data platform is deployed in production by some of the world’s most data intensive companies, including Appboy, P&G, HP Enterprise, Kaiser Permanente and MarketShare Partners.