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Manages, protects and simplifies security for home networks

SAM is the leading provider of cloud-native security and intelligence services for unmanaged networks and IoTs, covering upwards of 500 million connected devices globally.

With its powerful and intuitive AI technology, SAM addresses the challenges of our hyperconnected world, in which an explosion of IoT devices exposes potential attack surfaces for companies and consumers alike. SAM’s device-agnostic software provides deep ​network visibility to not only protect against sophisticated cyber-attacks in real-time, but also to prevent the spread of zero-day attacks. SAM’s solutions have been designed to study the behavior of a single network of fragmented devices. By using its unique cloud-based device and threat intelligence, SAM identifies every connected device and creates customized protection for all home and SMB users, forming a bulletproof network.

SAM’s solution is proven to provide telcos with new revenue streams, reduced churn, and minimized support costs through value-added services that strengthen their market positioning and create more value for their customers.