Watch the full interview between early stage venture capital firm Blumberg Capital and two-time founder of international merchant-acquiring bank Credorax and family mobile money app Jassby, Benny Nachman. In this entrepreneur spotlight interview, Benny shares a bit about each company and how his background in law and the process of founding and funding Credorax prepared him for later creating and raising venture capital for Jassby. He talks about the difference in process and ease of fundraising for each company, and the unique challenges and advantages that the COVID-19 pandemic has created.

As the founder of two very different fintech companies, one an international bank making cross-border transactions possible and the other a financial literacy app making cross-the-dinner-table transactions possible for families and kids, Benny offers his advice to other fintech startups about finding success both pre- and post- fundraising rounds. Among some of his tips: being able to clearly communicate what your business does, not letting regulations be a deterrent, hiring the best people you possibly can, and having perseverance in the face of rejection.

See how these lessons have directly played out in his success and find inspiration for your own company when raising venture capital with a firm like Blumberg.