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14 of the most promising seed-stage enterprise startups


By: Mickey Graham

Last year, when we published a blog post identifying the 10 coolest New York City enterprise startups, few, if any, of those companies were household names. Since I wrote that piece, the companies have gone on to raise more than $100 million combined, and at least one, if not two, have their sights on an initial public offering in the not-too-distant future.

As an enterprise technology growth accelerator, Work-Bench keeps a close eye on what seed-stage enterprise startups are up to. Below, we’ve rounded up 14 of the most promising enterprise startups that have raised less than $5 million in funding.

While many of these startups might not be household names yet, these pre-Series A startups are the hotshot up-and-comers of enterprise tech and are already doing business with some of the largest companies in the world. Expect great things from these companies, in addition to the likelihood of large funding rounds ahead…read more.

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