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How one company has the solution to the Black Friday “invisible threat”


By: Eric Woollard-White
With Black Friday looming, a new “invisible” cyber security threat looks set to “more than double”, experts have warned.

In the halcyon days of the internet, successful ecommerce used to be based around a well thought through proposition and a core of known and trackable variables, such as traffic data, user engagement statistics and conversion rates – to name a few.

Now, there are a host of new challenges vexing the online C-suite executive, many of which come under the heading of the rapidly growing problem of cyber security. Talk Talk’s high profile data breach is the latest example of a major brand left counting the cost of a sophisticated hack attack.

But not all cyber security breaches are so instantly visible, and now other big online brands – including retailers, publishers, banks and other financial organisations – are waking up to the new invisible threat of client side injected malware (CSIM).

For the co-founders of Israeli cyber security start-up Namogoo – CEO Chemi Katz and COO Ohad Greenshpan – the threat is more than just the inspiration for the company’s day job; it’s also in the name. “Namogoo” is the Hebrew word for vanished…read more.

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