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Investing in Zone7, the AI-driven Human Performance Platform


By Bruce Taragin, Managing Director & Lior Carmel, Associate at Blumberg Capital

We are proud to announce our investment in Zone7, an Israeli and U.S. startup, that uses AI and big data to empower organizations, where workforce fatigue and injury carry significant risk. Co-founders Tal Brown and Eyal Eliakim, former product and data leaders behind Salesforce’s AI platform Einstein, have an incredible opportunity to establish Zone7 as the standard for sports and other industries whose success relies on healthy, high-performing individuals.

From our earliest discussions with the Zone7 team, we saw:

Passionate founders with deep experience in AI, product development and enterprise software

A global, cross-industry market opportunity to support the health and performance of workforces

A timely AI use case consistent with our investment thesis and portfolio success stories

Early, but impressive customer traction in sports, validating Zone7’s technology

In addition, we saw a clear opportunity to serve as an extended part of the team and connect Zone7 with our network of potential customers, partners and technology leaders to accelerate global expansion.

The Zone7 Opportunity

There is an immediate and meaningful opportunity to use AI and machine learning to support workforce health, safety and productivity. Industries like sports remain in the nascent stages when it comes to leveraging big data to optimize human performance. Adoption of advanced monitoring technologies that measure players’ performance on the pitch, in the gym, and at home is resulting in vast amounts of data. While most teams have sufficient data for preventing injuries, they lack the tools to standardize this information, extract the full range of insights, and ultimately recoup maximum value from their investments.

Organizations, like sports teams, who adopt a data-driven approach across their operations now will win, on the court (or field or rink) and financially, long term.

This is Moneyball 2.0.

Tal and team have built a powerful device-agnostic platform that has the potential to fundamentally change how organizations protect and optimize their most valuable assets – people. Zone7’s proprietary technology can digest virtually any type of data that organizations collect on human performance, analyze disparate datasets, uncover patterns, and make proactive recommendations to improve output, detect burnout risk, and mitigate injuries. Teams can also extract more value from their investments in wearables and other biometric/biomechanical sensors.

Professional sports teams across the EPL, MLS, NFL, La Liga, Serie A and PRO14 are already leveraging Zone7, and there is tremendous opportunity for growth across sports and other industries like healthcare, energy and oil and the military, that demand healthy, high-performing individuals to maintain business continuity. 

We are proud to join Zone7’s journey as a board member and long-term partner – and lead the company’s Series A round in partnership with Resolute Ventures, UpWest, PLG Ventures, Joyance Partners, Value Stream Ventures, Alumni Ventures and J Ventures. Through our investment, Zone7 joins Blumberg Capital’s community of visionary founders and transformative, AI-driven software companies.

Please learn more about Zone7 and its plans for growth in this recent Forbes article

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