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Israel’s Flourishing Fintech Has Many Fathers


By: Dennis Mitzner
Israeli finance technology has taken giant leaps in the last few years. Hundreds of local startups are developing new technologies for payment and security solutions, and multinational companies and banks are flocking to Israel for a piece of the action. Much like other tech sectors in Israel, the country’s fintech know-how is largely a byproduct of innovations in other fields, such as cybersecurity.

Investor interest in Israeli fintech is rising fast: 15 percent of fintech companies in 2014 raised capital, and 43 companies raised capital during January-September 2015 alone. The study, conducted by IVC Online, predicts the number will grow by the end of 2015, approaching the 2014 record of 61 companies that raised $369 million in capital. In contrast, Israeli fintechstartups raised only $13 million in 2009…read more.

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