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Nutanix brings hyperconverged infrastructure to SMEs


By Maria Deutscher

The fact that hyperconverged appliances can be managed centrally makes them immensely appealing to small and midsize businesses with limited IT staff. However, SMEs often struggle to take advantage of the benefits since most systems are geared towards the enterprise crowd and carry a price tag to match. To try and remedy the situation, Nutanix Inc. today added a new entry-level model to its popular hyperconverged lineup that will become available next month for as little as $25,000.

Dubbed Xpress, the system includes all the key features of the startup’s bigger appliances, most notably its Acropolis hypervisor. The KVM derivative comes ready to use out of the box and enables administrators to start provisioning virtual machines within less than an hour of setting up the box in their environments, according to Nutanix. As a result, it removes the need to buy expensive third party virtualization software, which can free up a significant portion of the average small or midsize firm’s technology budget.

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