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Investing in PerfectScale and the Transformation of Kubernetes Optimization


By Ilia Shnaidman, vice president, Blumberg Capital

Today, we are excited to announce our investment in PerfectScale and its mission to make it easy for DevOps, platform engineering, and SRE professionals to improve the stability and cost-effectiveness of their complete Kubernetes (K8s) environment. Kubernetes has evolved to become the linchpin of modern cloud-native applications with market size anticipated to reach $7.8B by 2027. The rapid adoption of Kubernetes has revealed challenges in managing and scaling these intricate containerized environments and we believe PerfectScale will lead the way in providing easy-to-use solutions that empower teams to make quick, data-driven decisions.

Why invest in PerfectScale? Team, technology and early customer traction. 

A Bright Future for Kubernetes

The demand for scalable, efficient, and optimized Kubernetes infrastructure is on the rise, as Kubernetes continues to solidify its position as the standard for container orchestration and cloud-native application development. The majority of cloud workloads are now running on Kubernetes and deployments of cloud-native infrastructure will continue to accelerate. However, the rapid pace of adoption is impeding organization’s ability to support the complexity and management of resources that come with large-scale, cloud-native infrastructure. Success relies on mastering Day 2 Kubernetes operations, where optimizing costs and performance emerges as a pivotal focus. 

Early Customer Adoption and Success

PerfectScale’s early customer adoption and scalability underscores the transformative potential of their platform and pressing need for innovative Kubernetes infrastructure solutions. Its platform seamlessly adapts to the unique demands of Kubernetes clusters, enabling organizations to scale, operate efficiently, and ensure reliability without compromising performance or incurring excessive costs.

“We went from multiple issues a day, to maybe one or two issues in the last month,” said Ben Hoffman, R&D Director of Solidus Labs. “With PerfectScale, we have seen over a 90% reduction, helping us ensure our applications have the capacity to meet our customer demand.”

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Managing Kubernetes clusters can be intricate and resource-intensive. PerfectScale’s platform optimizes resource allocation, streamlines Kubernetes operations, and ultimately leads to cost savings. This efficiency is a game-changer for organizations embracing Kubernetes, enabling them to allocate resources more effectively and achieve better ROI on their Kubernetes initiatives.

Industry Veterans with a Vision

Behind every successful startup is a team with the right mix of expertise and vision. The PerfectScale team has a deep understanding of Kubernetes and infrastructure, the technical acumen to tackle the complexities of managing containerized environments, and the vision to drive innovation in the field. PerfectScale’s founding team are seasoned veterans who have made an impact at startups through global enterprises. CEO Amir Banet is a veteran product leader at both Israeli startups and global enterprises such as Mercury, HP, SolarWinds, while CTO Eli Birger and VP of R&D Micheal Sklyar are pioneers in bringing modern engineering practices, SaaS architectures, and DevOps methodologies to tech companies such as, IBM, and Cyren.

We are proud to lead PerfectScale’s Seed round, with participation from co-investors and partners, including Upwest, Prelude (Mercato Partners), K2 Access Fund, Inner Loop Capital, Triangle Tweener Fund and Firestreak Ventures. Our investment is not just an investment in a company. It’s an investment in the future of Kubernetes and cloud-native infrastructure. We are grateful to be part of PerfectScale’s journey to empower organizations aiming to optimize Kubernetes deployments, ensuring both resilience and cost efficiency.

Learn more about PerfectScale in today’s announcement

Learn more about PerfectScale’s Autonomous Optimization and Governance Platform:


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