Ilia Shnaidman is a vice president at Blumberg Capital. He’s an expert in cybersecurity and a white-hat hacker with a passion for investments in innovative ideas and helping entrepreneurs solve complex problems.

Prior to joining Blumberg Capital, Ilia was a founder at Nebokon, a cyber-security company that was acquired at the pre-seed stage. Before that, he was a partner at Beame, an exclusive DevOps consulting company, and a senior leader at Firelayers, a startup in the cloud security space that was acquired by Proofpoint (Nasdaq: PFPT). Earlier in his career, Ilia was the first employee at Dojo-Labs, a startup in the cyber-security consumer space that was acquired by BullGuard LTD.

Ilia is an alumnus of an elite unit in the IDF Intelligence Corps, where he served as a Captain, led several R&D teams and was the head of elite cyber training course in the IDF Intelligence Corps. He earned a B.Sc in applied mathematics at age 18, while participating in the national youth excellence program, and has an MBA from Tel Aviv University, where he was part of the entrepreneurship and innovation program.