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Q&A: White Hat hackers: Are they ethical?


By Shimon Noam Oren


As concerns around cyber security increases for enterprises, it’s no surprise that more companies are choosing to hire white hat hackers, or “ethical hackers.”  The main concept behind this movement is for highly skilled hackers to work on behalf of enterprises to discover vulnerabilities that might otherwise go undetected. While many support this approach to improving cyber security measures, a few companies are hesitant to the idea of allowing hackers to find flaws in their network. Although, at the end of the day, ethical hackers are a key asset to organisations who are willing to take a close look as their security measures and address security flaws accordingly. This can help prevent major security breaches from occurring down the road, and can also be an opportunity for enterprises to have ethical hackers train employees on signs to look for when it comes to cyber security vulnerabilities.


In today’s ever-changing landscape, the sophistication of cyber-attacks is increasing, and more companies are being targeted. This is why the topic of ethical hacking is so timely. Shimon Noam Oren, Head of Cyber Intelligence at Deep Instinct, weighs in on the topic of ethical hackers in today’s cyber security environment.


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