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SQream Technologies: Leveraging the Power of Big Data


Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being created and the numbers are constantly going up. This poses a major challenge in the storage and performance of business critical data. Business worldwide who handles enormous amount of data, which is further scaling day by day, requires efficient and intelligent data management process for its advantage. In addition to storing data, it’s also critical to analyze these stored data for deriving critical information for process improvements and meeting customer needs. Companies will require investing heavily in infrastructure management costs to keep up with the changing trends. Using big data analytics will enable companies to leverage the opportunity.

SQream Technologies has leveraged the power of big data through conceptualizing a GPU-based software technology (Graphics Processing Unit) on SQL. SQream DB, the company’s flagship product, deploys a superfast ingestion, an aggressive compression and processing for massive amounts of data – assuring major savings in storage, delivering unmatched speed, scale and simplicity.

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