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Would You Ever Buy A Mortgage From A Fintech?


By Bhupender Singh


So you’ve saved up for a deposit, and you and your special someone have found your dream home. But where do you go for your mortgage?


In recent years, consumers have had increased choice between large established banks, and new, agile Fintechs. So how do they compare?

Established banks have recently been experiencing mounting competition for business from a growing range of Fintechs and challenger financial service providers. These new, agile competitors have been emerging onto the financial stage and competing for business on various services traditional banks offer, using innovation, technology and personalisation to make their offering appealing to customers, who want increasingly quick and personalised service. But traditional banks are now responding to the challenge posed by Fintechs, by updating their own technology, to match Fintechs for speed and beat them on customer service.


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