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Arcadia Data Extends Big Data Reach of BI App


By Mike Vizard

One of the reasons that business intelligence (BI) applications were not as widely employed as generally expected was the simple fact that they were generally difficult to set up. IT organizations would have to pull data from a data warehouse into a local sever and then configure a BI application to interact with that data. Any time an end user wanted to look at a different data set, the whole process would need to start over.

Now it’s becoming more common to run BI applications natively against data sources such as Hadoop. Arcadia Data takes that concept a step further with an update to its Arcadia Enterprise BI software, announced this week, that adds support for other data sources such as Apache Solr and the S3 cloud storage service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). In addition to running natively on Hadoop, Arcadia Enterprise provides SQL support that can be used to query relational databases and S3 alongside data stored in Hadoop.

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