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The Information: Hands Up, This Is a (Virtual) Robbery!


Until late last year, Bank of America branch staffers would learn how to handle a potential stick-up through guidebooks and online videos. Today, tellers are immersed in a 3D virtual reality environment, in which a gunman aims a weapon at them or furtively hands them a threatening note demanding money…

…Others that embraced such technology before the pandemic found new uses for it, said Kenneth Landau, co-founder of Mytaverse, a Miami-based company that launched in 2020 to provide 3D tools for companies. It raised $2.7 million in pre-seed funding and another $7.6 million in seed funding last year. One of its clients, PepsiCo, held an executive meeting on
the platform, as well as virtual staff gatherings that sometimes involved sending (actual) meals to attendees’ homes during lunch, Landau said.

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