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DoubleVerify Launches Media Authentication Tools


By Tobi Elkin

Aiming to increase the transparency and performance of video and display advertising on mobile and desktop platforms, DoubleVerify on Monday launched IQ Advanced Solutions. The company said the new tools improve in-app viewability of ads and increase digital fraud protection for advertisers.

DoubleVerify said the tools will also extend digital fraud protection in new areas, including something it calls “ad injection.” Injected Ads, according to DoubleVerify, are impressions surreptitiously inserted into a user’s browser or app via malware or adware, without the consent of the site owner or user. Injected Ads often overlay other paid ads or appear on pages that weren’t supposed to include ads at all.  The-ad tech firm has found that up to 15% of ad impressions are delivered through unauthorized ad injection.

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