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How To Go From $0 To $12 Million By Smart Hiring


By Tom Rotem

Israel is known as a hot bed of fresh new tech startups and all of us out here are busy doing the same thing Silicon Valley is doing. Starting from zero. Making mistakes. Trying to survive.  Yotpo was designed to help companies collect user generated content from their customers and distribute that content as marketing. It’s a crowded field. But we grew annual recurring revenue from zero to $12.2 million in 16 months and went from an average deal size of $5,000 to around $10,000. That’s gold for newcomers.

To do that, you need a sales team and growing one as a start-up is not easy, even with funding. Startups have to be laser focused. These are the five sales team-building lessons we learned that helped us go from zero to $12+ million in under a year and a half

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