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Investing in Shabodi and the Future of 5G


By Bruce Taragin, Managing Director & Lior Carmel, Associate at Blumberg Capital

We are proud to announce our investment in Shabodi and its mission to accelerate the deployment of next-gen applications on 5G. The future of autonomous driving, remote surgeries, automated manufacturing, AR/VR and other transformational developments will rely on 5G, but also place a costly burden on organizations and their application developers. Co-founders Vikram Chopra and Harpreet Geekee, startup veterans with deep domain expertise and leadership in the telecommunications industry, have set out to make it seamless for developers to deploy 5G applications and enable enterprises to maximize their 5G investments.

Among the reasons that we’re excited about our partnership with Vikram, Harpreet and the Shabodi team:

  • The opportunity to partner with a team with deep industry experience growing startups through industry leaders including Cisco, Juniper and Nortel.
  • A global, cross-industry market opportunity to accelerate 5G deployments and its impact on individuals, businesses and entire industries. As Vikram says, “5G will be to enterprises, as 4G was for consumers.”
  • Promising feedback from the industry, reinforcing the demand and potential impact of Shabodi’s technology.
  • An enterprise technology use case consistent with our investment thesis and portfolio success stories.

In the next decade, hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide will deploy private 5G networks to leverage the improved speed, latency, bandwidth, and density that 5G offers. The manufacturing industry, ports and logistics hubs have been among the early adopters of 5G, due to its ability to automate a vast portion of industrial processes. 

As other industries pursue 5G, they face a similar challenge: 5G network architecture requires the reconfiguration of hundreds of different settings for each connection. Shabodi’s application enablement platform (AEP) addresses the often multi-year organization-wide effort to deploy 5G, by allowing application developers to program applications on 5G without rewriting existing applications or developing them ab initio. Application developers can program applications by using a simple set of APIs and automating hundreds of reconfigurations.

5G will redefine many aspects of enterprise technology and we believe Shabodi will be a critical partner to enterprises, system integrators, and telecommunications companies  as they prioritize efficiency, flexibility, and reliability in their 5G deployments.

We are proud to lead Shabodi’s Seed round and are energized for the journey ahead as a board member and long-term partner alongside co-investors: Counterview Capital, SineWave Ventures, Shasta Ventures, MAVA Ventures, Green Egg Ventures, Maccabee Ventures, CEAS Investments, Supernode Ventures and Lorimer Ventures. Through our investment, Shabodi joins Blumberg Capital’s community of visionary founders and transformative, enterprise technology software companies.

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