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The Next Billion-Dollar Startups 2018


By Amy Feldman, Biz Carson, Susan Adams, Natalie Robehmed, Jeff Kauflin, Michela Tindera, Matt Perez, Ellie Kincaid, Elisabeth Brier and Christian Kreznar


Where are the next unicorns? They’re coming from a wide range of industries—from esports and online education, to trucking and 3-D printing, to luggage and shoes.


To compile our annual list of the Next Billion-Dollar Startups, we teamed up with TrueBridge Capital Partners to ask nearly 200 venture capital firms to nominate the companies they thought were most likely to become unicorns. We narrowed down the field from over 100 businesses to the 25 below by looking at revenue, funding and their most recent valuation. They’re presented in alphabetical order.


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