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Three Questions with David Blumberg of Blumberg Capital


Good day. David Blumberg is founder and managing partner of San Francisco-based Blumberg Capital. Started in the early 1990s, the firm launched its first venture-backed fund in 2001.

Mr. Blumberg fielded three questions from WSJ Pro, looking at the tribulations of SVB Financial Group, parent of tech-focused Silicon Valley Bank, and in particular the fallout to the VC ecosystem. On Thursday, SVB saw investors dump its shares and said it lost nearly $2 billion selling assets following a larger-than-expected decline in deposits.

How could Silicon Valley Bank’s struggles impact venture capitalists?

The question could almost be turned around– how could emotional venture capitalists affect the stability of Silicon Valley Bank? My answer is that hysterical VCs and portfolio companies, overreacting to the news cycle, could cause an unnecessary and avoidable run on the bank.

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