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Venkat Nagaswamy, CEO at MarianaIQ talks Martech Skills


By Ginger Conlon

Venkat discusses the combination of left brain and right brain being essential for marketers today, the need for understanding tools to fetch data from multiple sources for favorable customer journeys and lateral thinking.


Ginger Conlon: Hello and welcome to MarTech Advisor’s Executive Interview Series. I’m Ginger Conlon, a Contributing Editor to MarTech Advisor and joining us today is Venkat Nagaswamy who is CEO of MarianaIQ and Venkat and I are going to talk about the skills that marketers need to succeed in marketing today. He’s got a great perspective, as a CEO he hires marketers but he also works with a company and runs the company that works very closely with marketers. So, welcome Venkat, thanks for being here today.


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