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Making the Unseen Seen


Interview with Yair Frastai, CEO and co-founder of VerAI Discoveries

The digital transformation of the mining industry has been progressing well for the last decade or so, and artificial intelligence (AI) has been an important tool to advance that transformation of the industry. Recently, mining companies are using AI to optimize processes, enhance decision-making, derive value from data, and improve safety. However, the transition to an AI-enabled mineral exploration is a different story or experience for every company or even mine.

Since we feature mining in the digital age in this issue of the Canadian Mining Journal, I caught up with Yair Frastai (YF), CEO and co-founder of VerAI Discoveries, during PDAC 2023 in early March, to talk about the company, the technology, and the future of AI in mining as he sees it.

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